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Dependable, Certified, and Licensed Tree Service in Pekin, IL

The tree care experts at Central Arbor Tree Care are proud to have been meeting the needs of the Pekin, IL community for nearly ten years. During this time, residents have come to see the experts as the premier company for professional tree care. From the extensive knowledge of the ISA certified and licensed arborists to the 24/7 emergency service, this staff is dedicated to helping homeowners and commercial property owners with all tree-related services and care at very affordable prices. Call (309) 228-2443 for a free price quote for any tree services, including:

Pekin Tree Removal By Experienced Pros

The removal of a mature tree on your property can be stressful unless you have a team of tree removal experts handling the job. At Central Arbor Tree Care, our staff has decades of combined experience removing even the most hazardous trees with no complications or damage to our customer’s property. Call us for a free price estimate and know that the job will be done carefully and professionally from the moment we arrive to the final cleanup.

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Stump Grinding Service In Pekin

Even after tree removal, you are left with an unsightly and dangerous tree stump that can quickly become a safety hazard. The pros at Central Arbor Tree Care use quality commercial stump grinders to swiftly remove all of the visible stump to prevent the infestation of insects and pests. In addition, we clean up and remove the chips, leaving your property looking great and hazard-free. Call (309) 228-2443 for a free price quote, and be sure to include stump grinding in any tree removal price estimate for a complete job by the pros you know you can trust.

Your Full-Service Commercial Tree Care Company

Commercial tree care from the certified and licensed arborist at Central Arbor Tree Care is the best investment you can make in your mature trees. From thinning and pruning to withstand harsh weather conditions to extending the life of these valuable assets, our professionals focus on each tree’s overall health and well-being to provide the most value for your tree care budget. In addition, we provide 24/7 emergency services when a downed tree or tree debris is creating a safety hazard on your property.

Arborist Lead Trimming And Pruning

It takes years of training and experience to understand each variety of trees’ growth habit and needs in the Pekins area. The arborist at Central Arbor Tree Care has studied tree structure, proper pruning and thinning techniques, and general tree care for years to earn certification and licensing as an arborist. Our entire staff relies on this training and expertise to ensure that we provide the highest level of tree care possible for your hard-earned money and loyalty to our business.

Vital Storm Prep And Cleanup

In moments, a storm can destroy decades of beautiful tree growth. At Central Arbor Tree Care, our pros understand the process of carefully thinning and trimming trees to allow the wind to pass through the tree canopy without destroying it. This limits damage to trees and the need for storm damage cleanup. However, if your trees do sustain damage, we are here with complete storm damage cleanup when you call (309) 228-2443.