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Storm Preparation

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Storm Prep and Clean up in Peoria, IL

When a strong storm moves across Peoria, it is not uncommon for mature trees in the area to sustain storm damage. But what can be shocking to residents is how difficult it can be to locate a professional tree care company that will assist you with tree storm damage in Peoria. While some claim to offer 24/7 emergency service, the licensed and certified arborists at Central Arbor Tree Care respond to emergency calls at (309) 228-2443. As a locally owned and operated business, these experts know that a fallen or severely damaged tree can pose a significant risk to your loved ones and home. And they are committed to providing the help you need when you need it the most and at an affordable price.

Storm Damage Cleanup You Can Count On

The Central Arbor Tree Care experts have provided emergency storm damage cleanup for almost ten years. And in that time, they have become known as the premier company that responds quickly when a homeowner needs emergency tree removal for a downed tree or trimming to remove large limbs dangling over someone’s roof. Our highly trained and skilled tree care experts have the tools and safety devices to eliminate any tree safety issues and your concerns about further damage to your home or property. So please, never try to remove tree damage or a fallen tree on your own and risk your safety. Instead, call (309) 228-2443 for help from the experts you can trust to do the job correctly and cost-effectively.

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The Huge Value Of Peoria Tree Service Storm Preparation

Of course, you never want to see your valuable and beautiful trees damaged by a severe storm. But most homeowners think there is nothing to be done to prevent such acts of Mother Nature. However, that is not the case. The licensed and certified arborists at Central Arbor Tree Care are eager to explain all of your options for preventative tree trimming and pruning that can reduce the potential for storm damage to your mature trees. In addition, these preventive practices can eliminate costly corrective pruning to damaged trees or the removal of a tree that was destroyed by high wind.

The Importance Of Thinning

There is no way to shield your trees from the harsh wind during a Peoria storm. But the experts at Central Arbor Tree Care can thin the canopies of the trees to allow the wind to blow through the foliage, causing little or no damage. Once the tree is correctly thinned by a tree care professional, there is a significantly lower possibility of damage to the tree branches or the tree being blown over. Instead, the wind will pass through the tree and not against the dense canopy. Call (309) 228-2443 to request a free price quote for storm damage preparation to protect your landscape’s beautiful large focal points that add significant value to your property. The small cost of this service is a fraction of the cost of tree removal and replacement due to storm damage.