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The #1 Option for Trusted, Local Tree Service in Bloomington, IL

The community of Bloomington, IL, is confident when calling locally-owned and operated Central Arbor Tree Care for tree services. For close to a decade, this team of tree care professionals, led by an ISA certified and licensed arborist, has delivered exceptional tree care services at fair and reasonable prices. In addition, they have an outstanding history of safely removing even the most challenging trees near homes and other structures. Their attention to detail and dedication to the mindful care of their customer’s properties have earned them the status of the premier tree care service in Bloomington. Call (309) 228-2443 for a free price quote or emergency tree care service.

Careful Tree Removal in Bloomington

Nothing is more stressful than a tree leaning over your home or about to drop a large limb on the roof. When you call (309) 228-2443, the tree removal experts at Central Arbor Tree Care respond quickly to assess and remove any tree creating a safety hazard. And we are always happy to provide a free price estimate, so there are no surprises when the job is completed. Call us 24/7 and know that we will remove any tree with no damage to your home or surrounding landscape.

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We Offer Complete Stump Grinding

In addition to expert tree removal, the Central Arbor Tree Care professionals provide complete stump grinding service to eliminate future issues on your property. An old tree stump is both unsightly and unsafe. From creating a tripping hazard to harboring insects and pests that could invade your home, tree stumps always create problems. However, when the Central Arbor Tree Care team grinds away the stump, you have no inviting home for pests or worries about injuries.

Your Commercial Tree Care Experts

With decades of combined experience, our staff is eager to help you realize the most value possible from the trees at your Bloomington commercial property. Proper pruning and care result in greater visual appeal, increased property value and added longevity for these massive focal points on your property. And our staff will work with you to determine the service and schedule that will work best for you and your tree care budget. Call (309) 228-2443 today for a free price quote or learn more about our services and the benefits of working with a licensed arborist.

Professional Trimming And Pruning

Trimming trees is more complex than most people first imagine. Rather than simply shaping the canopy of a tree, proper pruning involves managing all of the growth of the branches to ensure maximum durability, stability, and longevity. Call our highly skilled team of tree care professionals in Bloomington for all your tree trimming and pruning needs to enhance your property’s beauty and value.

Bloomington Storm Prep And Cleanup

Most property owners fail to grasp the value of storm preparation until they have called in the Central Arbor Tree Care team for storm cleanup. Once they know that our thinning and pruning can prevent significant future storm damage, they are eager to have all their trees prepped before the next storm. Call (309) 228-2443 to invest in storm preparation services to eliminate the need for future storm damage cleanup.