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What Does It Mean to Cable a Tree?

tied main branches in the crown of the elm. the arborist tied the old and fragile branches together with a synthetic rope. items made of wooden blocks protect the bark from bruises. tested and secured

Tree cabling uses strong bolts and cables to support the branches of a tree. Often, cabling is used to bolster limbs that are in danger of breaking, but it’s also used to guide limbs into growing more symmetrically. However, cabling isn’t a substitute for proper trimming and pruning, nor can it save a branch or […]

Why Water Your Illinois Trees in the Winter?

Professional gardener watering a tree he just planted.

It’s true that trees go into dormancy during Illinois’ cold winters, but dormancy doesn’t mean the kind of suspended animation where the organism can completely live off of whatever energy it stored up during the warmer months. Though the tree may look “asleep,” especially if it’s deciduous and has lost its leaves, its roots are […]

What Problems Do Trees Face in Winter

The kite is trapped in a tree branch.

Making your home in Peoria, IL means the trees on your property will face many challenges all year long. This is particularly true during the hard local winters. It’s important to know what issues your trees might face as the weather turns colder. It’s also important to know what you can do to help prepare […]