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6 Tips to Add Holiday Decorations to Trees Around Your Business

Decorating the trees and landscaping around your business is a great way to get into the holiday mood and stand out in the community. Deciding how to arrange your decorations and completing the task is a huge undertaking. Our arborists can help you design the perfect holiday layout for your business.

1. Talk to Professionals Before the Holidays

It would be helpful to talk with your commercial landscapers before doing anything on your property for the holidays. The tree decorating is easier when you coordinate the holiday decorations with your scheduled landscaping. Commercial landscapers need to know about increased foot traffic on your property, even when doing things for the holidays yourself.

2. Begin Planning Early

Think about your plan for the holiday decorations early to get a solid idea about what you need. Plot out the decorations, and coordinate your trees with your other decorations. Decorations can decrease stress levels and bring more traffic to your business when set up earlier rather than later.

3. Think About Net Lights

An easy way to decorate your trees is by using Christmas lights of various colors with some fake snow for the holiday look. Thicker trees and bushes may take a longer time to cover in string lights due to the number of close-together branches. A net of lights covers them and takes a shorter time to decorate with the same results.

4. Use Colored Bulbs Around Your Property

The lights in your trees can be a white and colorful mix to give the area a festive look. The lights can turn on automatically at night to save energy and maximize the life of the bulbs. Coordinate the lights with other lighting in the area, such as automatic lights in the parking lot, for a greater festive experience.

5. Use Energy-Efficient Lights

Lighting your entire commercial property takes planning and time, but also money. More trees you have around the property means a higher energy consumption rate. Use LED Christmas lights to decrease energy use and offer colored or white bulbs that can change remotely.

6. Keep Your Theme Consistent

Your tree decorations should match the rest of your property to create a whimsical feeling for your employees and customers. A Christmas tree is the perfect place to start when decorating your commercial property, and your other trees should match. Another tip for adding decorations to your trees is coordination with any interior decorations.

It takes time to plan the layout of your tree decorations when creating a holiday theme around your business. A holiday theme around your business can make you stand out and increase the happiness of employees and customers. If you have any commercial tree care questions in Peoria, IL, call us at Central Arbor Tree Care to schedule an appointment today.

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