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How to Keep Trees Safe During Fire Season

Forest Landscape Before and After Fire

Fire is one of nature’s most destructive forces and can devastate the environment. Trees are especially vulnerable to fire, so homeowners must take extra precautions during fire season. Here are a few tips for keeping your trees safe during this time of year. Turn Off Outdoor Power Sources During fire season, it’s important to turn […]

4 Reasons Why Stump Removal Is Necessary

Tree stump close up in a coniferuous forest

Tree stumps can be unsightly and inconvenient on your property. While cutting down a tree may seem the hardest, removing the stump can be just as challenging. However, leaving a tree stump in place can create several problems, from safety hazards to potential damage to property. 1. Safety Safety is one of the most compelling […]

How to Know When a Tree Is Dying

Deciduous tree with few leaves on its branches in the middle of a forest glade

A dying tree is a sad sight, with its leaves starting to wither and its branches beginning to dry and crack. It can be easy to overlook the signs of a dying tree and assume it is just in a state of rest due to the current cold season. However, it is vital to be […]

4 Telltale Signs Your Tree Is About to Die

Professional Lumberjack Cutting a big Tree in the Forest during the Winter

Trees survive longer than most other living things. Some tree species last for thousands of years, many times the average life span of humans. Of course, some trees die much younger. This might happen due to disease, pets, or exposure to deadly conditions. Luckily, if you catch the problem early, you might be able to […]

Smart Landscaping: What It Is and Benefits

Gardener Shaping Plants Using Heavy Duty Garden Scissors. Spring Maintenance.

The space around our homes, businesses, and communities is becoming increasingly valuable. Smart landscaping effectively makes the most of this space and creates vibrant outdoor living areas. It combines modern technology with sustainable, eco-friendly practices to achieve your desired aesthetic while helping conserve resources and reduce water use. Below, we discuss what smart landscaping is […]

How to Keep Your Trees From Freezing in the Winter

Broken tree trunk and branches after a freezing rain.

Though some trees bear up well against frigid weather, freezing temperatures risks damaging others, especially if they’re young and not well-established. An unexpected cold snap in what should be spring can even hurt trees that otherwise sail through winter with no problem, as the temperatures kill budding leaves, fruit, and flowers. Here are some things […]

What Does It Mean to Cable a Tree?

tied main branches in the crown of the elm. the arborist tied the old and fragile branches together with a synthetic rope. items made of wooden blocks protect the bark from bruises. tested and secured

Tree cabling uses strong bolts and cables to support the branches of a tree. Often, cabling is used to bolster limbs that are in danger of breaking, but it’s also used to guide limbs into growing more symmetrically. However, cabling isn’t a substitute for proper trimming and pruning, nor can it save a branch or […]

Why Water Your Illinois Trees in the Winter?

Professional gardener watering a tree he just planted.

It’s true that trees go into dormancy during Illinois’ cold winters, but dormancy doesn’t mean the kind of suspended animation where the organism can completely live off of whatever energy it stored up during the warmer months. Though the tree may look “asleep,” especially if it’s deciduous and has lost its leaves, its roots are […]

Preparing Your Trees for Storms Can Help You Save Money

Residential home damage caused by trees falling on roof, a result of the high velocity winds of Hurricane.

It might seem like trees can withstand just about anything, especially if you have older trees on your property. Unfortunately, heavy storms can bring down a tree of any size or age. Even if the whole tree doesn’t come down, a large branch could fall. Either way, the consequences could be severe, and you could […]

What Problems Do Trees Face in Winter

The kite is trapped in a tree branch.

Making your home in Peoria, IL means the trees on your property will face many challenges all year long. This is particularly true during the hard local winters. It’s important to know what issues your trees might face as the weather turns colder. It’s also important to know what you can do to help prepare […]