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What You Need to Know About Tree Trimming

Tree pruning or trimming involves selective branch removal to reduce safety hazards around a property, improve the tree’s look and shape, and keep the tree healthy. The tree’s species and health are a couple of factors that help determine the frequency and timing of trimming.

Annual pruning is best for some trees while others benefit more from a two- or three-year schedule. Routine pruning throughout the year works, but late winter or early spring trimming offers the best results.

How Tree Trimming Helps Trees

Pruning a diseased or otherwise damaged tree area closes off the section closest to the cut. Besides keeping the disease from spreading, trimming encourages the tree to heal itself.

However, it is important that an arborist prune a tree using the correct methods. Otherwise, the tree can’t close itself off. The bigger the pruning cut and the slower the tree growth, the longer the tree’s healing process.

Fresh tree cuts have similarities to open wounds in humans. The cuts potentially permit decay or disease to enter the tree, enabling it to spread throughout the structure.

Trimmed Trees Are Healthier and Live Longer

Pruning offers health benefits for trees and enables them to live much longer. When you have diseased and insect-infested wood removed, pathogens and pests are less likely to spread.

Trimming a tree keeps the structure healthier, decreasing the chances of falling limbs. Pruning encourages healthier growth and bigger crop yields when you have fruit trees.

Making Your Yard Safer

Dead or overgrown branches have a greater risk of falling and causing property damage or injury. Keeping your trees trimmed reduces this risk.

Tree limbs can cause broken bones and head or other serious injuries. Large branches can damage your roof or vehicles.

Improving the Aesthetics

Pruning is one of the best landscaping tools available. You can control your trees’ size and shape for a better appearance.

Keeping your trees well-trimmed could also improve your property value. Prospective buyers are more likely to choose a home with trees less likely to cause maintenance issues that require immediate care.

Benefits for the Environment

Healthier trees can improve overall air quality. Healthy trees also help sequester carbon, helping reduce the effects of climate change.

Trees also play a role in providing wildlife habitats. You might see more birds, butterflies, and other kinds of wildlife, including threatened species.

When you need your trees pruned or trimmed, it is important to make sure you choose knowledgeable professionals. Contact Central Arbor Tree Care in Peoria, IL, for all your tree trimming and pruning needs.

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