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stump from a huge tree

Don’t Wait for Old Stumps to Rot Away

Whether you’ve recently had a tree cut down or you’re dealing with an old stump on your property, it’s a very good idea to get it ground out. When a stump is ground out, the top of it will be covered with soil. You’ll probably also have a sizable layer of wood chips to spread out so they can break down. While you can’t plant another tree there, you won’t have new growth from the old one, also known as suckers, popping up around the stump.

Stumps Are an Eyesore

A large tree stump is an eyesore, and it leaves a poor impression of your property. Unfortunately, by the time it breaks down, that stump can also become a serious hazard.

Even if it is rotting, the remaining chunks will be dangerous. It may be tough to mow around standing stumps, leading to tall grass, weeds, and suckers taking over the area. This space on your property can fill up with blowing trash and may even become a haven for dangerous pests.

Stumps Destroy Tools

You may remind yourself repeatedly while mowing, but you only have to hit the stump once to do serious damage to your mower. The hard stop that occurs when a rapidly spinning blade is caught in the fibers of an old stump can ding your blade and damage your mower’s motor.

Trying to clean up around your stump with a mower or a string trimmer can also be dangerous to the person handling the tool and to those around them. An old stump, rotting into chunks, can become a source of dangerous projectiles when caught by a mower blade or a string trimmer.

Our crew of professionals has the right tools to quickly grind out an old stump. Remaining wood chips will break down into soil over time and be easy to mow over. You can bring in fill dirt and completely cover the stump, creating an ideal spot for shallow-rooted plants such as annual flowers.

Stumps Draw Pests

A new stump can ooze sap and draw wasps and hornets. Over time, these stinging pests may make a home in the crevices and holes that form in the stump. These pests are not only dangerous, but they’re also territorial. Once they have a home in your stump, they may plan to come back next year and make a home in other trees, your outbuildings, or even your attic.

Your Peoria, IL landscaping project deserves the experts in stump grinding from Central Arbor Tree Care, so call us today. Book a simple assessment of your property to review any trees that may need to come out and any stumps you want ground away.

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