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Routine Maintenance That Can Save Your Trees

Mature trees are a treasure on your property. They provide shade and curb appeal to your residence. Much like the rest of your home, they can get damaged without proper care. If you want to keep your trees, you need to consider simple maintenance. It doesn’t take much, and it ensures you can enjoy your trees for years to come.

Check Your Trees for Damage

Strong, healthy trees tend to weather storms and bad weather well. If a tree is sick or damaged it may get taken out during the next strong winds. Having your trees checked before the weather changes can help make sure you catch issues early. You can check for things like dead branches yourself, but issues like inner rot or deep cracks need a professional to assess them.

Prune at the Right Time

Trees should be pruned during the dormant period. For most common species, this is typically either right before the first snows or in late winter before the spring buds start appearing. Some species bloom on old wood so be sure you don’t prune next year’s growth off. Pruning during the colder months also helps prevent pests and diseases from damaging the tree while it is still healing. If you don’t feel confident, a professional can not only identify your trees but also prune them on the right schedule.

Prune the Right Way

While every tree is different, there are some general guidelines you should follow while pruning. You should always aim to create a strong trunk and cut off any branches that overlap or touch. Look for dead branches to take out first. Be sure you cut branches close to the main branch or trunk rather than leaving stubs. Try to stick to clean cuts to prevent rot and disease. This is less likely to happen during the cold months but you should still be careful.

Watch for Rot

Fungus, pests, or disease can be a death sentence for your tree. If you catch the problem early it is possible to save the tree. Look for things like deep cracks or damaged foliage. If you aren’t sure what’s normal for the species, call in a professional to identify the species and check if it’s healthy or if you need tree removal.

Call the Professionals

Even the best maintenance can’t save every tree. Sometimes they die and need to be removed. Let Central Arbor Tree Care handle your tree removal here in Peoria, IL.

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