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Stump on green grass in the garden.

That Tree Stump May be More Than Just an Eyesore

What was once a great tree may now be a mere stump. However, a tree stump can become problematic if left unchecked. That’s why it’s important for you to learn what the warning signs are before the situation becomes worse.

Stumps Can Cause Property Damage

Although the tree itself is gone, the stump is still rooted into the ground. This means that the roots can grow out. You might think that long roots aren’t too much of an issue. However, these roots can spread to other areas of your house, including:

  • Your patio
  • The sidewalks
  • The driveways
  • Your pipes
  • The foundation of your house

Stumps Are Invasive

Stumps are not only an eyesore for your yard, but they can also be invasive. Tree stumps take up space, and they can also cause other plants to grow in your yard. These plants are typically small, but they can sprout rather quickly and aren’t easy to remove. This means you either have to call a professional to remove these plants or use chemicals.

One plant in particular that can grow is fungi. Fungi can grow on both the stump itself and on the roots while also spreading to other trees. What’s worse is that there are some types of fungi that are dangerous if they are consumed by animals or children.

There Are More Pests Than Usual

Although roots can continue to grow, the stump itself will start to decompose over time. This can lead to an uptick in pests and insect infestations. Ants, for example, can start to nest within the stump. Another potential infestation are wasps, which can be incredibly dangerous if allowed to take up residence. Eventually, it is possible for them to make their way into your house.

They Are Safety Hazards

Decomposition aside, healthy stumps can also pose a threat to your and your family’s well-being. This is especially true when it comes to children. A few safety hazards of leaving a stump in your yard includes tripping, toe-stubbing, and even falling on top of it.

Have you noticed any roots around your property? Is the tree stump in your yard rotting and attracting unwanted guests? If the answer is yes to any one of these questions, then you’re in need of tree removal. Contact Central Arbor Tree Care in Peoria, IL for stump grinding, a simple, yet very effective method of stump removal. We will come and assess your tree stump situation, helping you to be free of your unwanted pests and roots and restoring your home safety.

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