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5 Basic Signs That a Tree Should Be Removed

Whether you only have a few trees on your property or are looking after hundreds scattered across multiple acres, you should know how to recognize signs of serious problems. There are several types of issues and visible symptoms that are good reasons to remove a tree immediately. The main motivation is usually to manage the risk of personal injury and property damage by bringing down hazardous growth in a controlled manner.

1. Trunk Instability

Trunk instability is a problem that can visibly change the orientation and structure of the entire tree. Instability may come from uneven or unfavorable growth that encourages it to lean in an unsafe way. It can also arise after some kind of damage, like that from a severe storm or contagious disease, that impedes normal and healthy growth. In any case, if there’s a significant chance of a tree trunk toppling, then it’s time to think about removing it altogether.

2. Dying Branches

It only takes one big branch to hurt someone, put a hole in the house, or destroy a car in the driveway below. One fallen branch doesn’t exactly mean the tree is doomed, but it should spark a closer inspection. If a tree is frequently losing branches or if it is showing signs of uneven or unhealthy growth, then it could be a good reason to prune or remove the tree.

3. Root Problems

Root problems often go unnoticed because they aren’t usually visible. In fact, many kinds of root pests and diseases are only detectable in early stages through special chemical and soil tests. Any kind of serious health threat to the root system is a serious concern, whether it’s a pathogen or just physical stress from a leaning trunk.

4. Fungal and Bacterial Disease

There are dozens of different bacterial and fungal agents that can produce terminal and contagious infections in local trees. Diseases are a major threat in nurseries, farms, and areas with a lot of the same type of tree species, as they are all vulnerable to similar contagions. Any signs of an active and embedded infection can be a good reason to remove a tree if the disease hasn’t had a chance to spread on the property yet.

5. Pest Infestations

Much like infectious diseases, pests can establish themselves on a property with just one host tree or even a dead stump. Once they’ve colonized and explored the area, it’s only a matter of time until they start infesting other trees. Termites and other wood-boring bugs can cause major structural damage to homes, sheds, and other buildings on the property as well.

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