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Residential home damage caused by trees falling on roof, a result of the high velocity winds of Hurricane.

Preparing Your Trees for Storms Can Help You Save Money

It might seem like trees can withstand just about anything, especially if you have older trees on your property. Unfortunately, heavy storms can bring down a tree of any size or age. Even if the whole tree doesn’t come down, a large branch could fall. Either way, the consequences could be severe, and you could be facing an expensive situation. Preparing trees for upcoming storms can reduce the likelihood of this happening, which could save you money in the long run.

Storms Put Stress on Trees

The winters in Peoria can be extreme and bring high winds, snow, and ice, all of which can be harmful to a tree. The wind can blow over a tree if its root system can’t handle the pressure, and it can bring down branches, too. Snow and ice just add extra weight and make it harder for a tree to stay structurally intact.

The impact from a tree falling can be tremendous. It can tear a hole in your siding or in your roof, break windows, crush vehicles, and potentially harm people and pets. These situations can all be stressful, concerning, and expensive. Even if a tree just lands on your lawn, it’ll be very costly to clean it up. Our team would have to bring our heavy equipment over to your place in order to take care of everything, and then you may have to have a landscaping team repair your lawn.

Take Action Before a Storm

It’s a smart idea to prepare your trees in advance for a storm. At Central Arbor Tree Care, our team is ready to remove weak, diseased, or dead branches from trees so that they don’t pose safety hazards later on. Those branches are the most likely ones to fall during a storm, and you can’t predict how they’ll land. We can inspect your trees and look for any signs of infection or pest infestation. If we find an issue, we’ll take care of it right away to prevent the problem from spreading.

We can also prune your trees so that they can thrive and grow stronger. Removing interior branches can enhance air circulation and help branches develop. It can also allow heavy winds to pass through the tree without as much resistance.

Be Careful of Trees Near Your Home

You’ll need to be especially mindful of trees that are close to your home. Branches may hang over your roof, garage, walkway, or driveway, and this could be a safety hazard. If you’d like us to, we can remove an entire tree so that it doesn’t have the potential to fall on your home and cause major damage.

Be Prepared

It can be such a strategic move to prepare your trees for the storms that will no doubt come our way in the winter. Call Central Arbor Tree Care to schedule a service.

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