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Grind Out Stumps During Dormant Winter Months

Winter can be the perfect time to address problem stumps in your yard. It’s also a great time to check the canopy of deciduous shade trees on your property for any rubbing or broken branches that need to be trimmed away.

The Ground Is Firm

After spring rains, the soil around your problem stump may be squishy. Heavy equipment can get bogged down. Frozen ground will easily support our stump grinding tools. The chips that are created as the stump is ground can be piled back over the stump to break down and feed the soil during the coming spring.

It may be necessary for us to move a little snow to get back to your stump. However, as long as the ground is frozen, moving heavy equipment around on your yard in winter is less destructive than rolling it across early grass or wet soil.

Pests Are Dormant

Stumps can quickly become a haven for problem pests such as wasps or hornets. During the winter months, these bugs have either died off, moved on, or gone dormant. Getting rid of the stump in winter will send those looking for a nesting site elsewhere in the spring.

Be aware that some insect pests are territorial. If you’ve noticed wasps or hornets on your property and suspect the stump, keep an eye out in early spring for nest construction. You may need to reach out to an exterminator to get rid of those nests before stinging insects get a foothold on your property.

Cold Stumps Are Less Friendly to Bacteria and Fungi

As stumps break down, they can collect moisture. In the winter, this moisture can freeze and open deeper fissures in the stump, creating even more space for bacteria, fungi, and insect pests to make a home.

If you can get your stump ground out while the water is too cold to support bacteria and fungi, you can protect other plants on your property. As the stump is chipped up, any existing fungi or bacteria will be exposed to air and to the very cold temperatures of an Illinois winter.

Because these bacteria and fungi need darkness and moisture, the grinding process should lessen the risk to your other trees and plantings. If your yard features deciduous trees, direct sunlight can also help kill off the diseases that can kill them. It may be wise to spread out the chips left by your stump grinding project to allow the sun to destroy these pathogens.

At Central Arbor Tree Care, we know that keeping your Peoria, IL yard healthy will be easier after the winter stump grinding is done. Contact us online to book your stump grinding project.

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