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How to Care for Your Sick Trees This Fall

Fall makes an ideal time to care for your property in Peoria, IL. The cooler weather means it’s the time to fix any problems you have with all of your trees. Homeowners like you can spruce up their property and prepare it for the long winter ahead. You’ll reap the rewards with trees that can stay much healthier all year long.

Inspect Your Trees

One of the most important things to do right now is to inspect your trees carefully. This is when you’ll see each tree in full bloom with green leaves. Climb a ladder if you can and get close up with each tree on your Peoria property. There are certain signs that something might be wrong with your trees. For example, if you see branch unions in a vee shape and branches that have come together, this can indicate the tree itself is weak. If you’re not comfortable climbing high, our experts at Central Arbor Tree Care can be on hand to do this for you.

Leaf Problems

Another indication that you might have an issue with sick trees is a problem with their leaves. As the leaves begin to fall, it’s easy to spot a pattern that something is wrong and has to be fixed. You might see holes in the leaves or leaves that are turning an odd color. Leaves that are non-traditional in shape are also an indication that something might be inherently wrong with your trees. These are trees that will need special care from our experts.

Proper Pruning

All trees need to shed extra deadweight that isn’t helping the tree survive. This is why all of the trees on your property in Peoria, IL should be pruned on a periodic basis at least once a year. At our company, we provide experts in tree pruning and trimming. Removing dead or damaged material from your trees right now also allows them to better resist the destructive power of frost and ice.

The Right Ground Cover

Protecting your trees during the cold weather should begin today. Sick trees can heal once they have the right tools on hand. Fall is the ideal time to refresh your mulch. Good quality mulch will keep the ground at an even temperature and protect against erosion. Adding a new ground cover protects your tree’s roots. Trees should also be given slow-release fertilizer at this time. That helps them find enough nutrients to do well no matter how cold it gets outside.

Fall makes the ideal time to care for your sick trees. Speak with our skilled arborists at Central Arbor Tree Care today and find out how we assist you.

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