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4 Reasons to Go With Pro Tree Removal

As the owner of a commercial property in Peoria, IL, you are liable for anything that happens there. When you have an old tree stump, you risk a visitor tripping over it and breaking their arm. Similar injuries can occur when you have dead or dying trees. Whether you use the land for an office complex, a strip mall, or any other business, you need to take care of it. Check out some of the biggest reasons to use a pro company for commercial tree removal.

1. Avoid Accidents

In most cases, you are responsible for injuries that occur because of your negligence. The injured party just needs to prove that you were aware that the tree posed a threat and did nothing about it. With commercial tree removal, you can avoid accidents that involve both visitors and workers. Central Arbor Tree Care will bring tools and equipment with them to help workers avoid accidents as they remove your trees.

2. Keep Buildings Safe

The chances are good that your property has at least one building or structure on it. You may not realize that dead and dying trees can damage those buildings, though. When a tree topples over, it can take out the entire roof or a good portion of it. Another risk you should consider is the risk of electrical damage. This can occur when you have trees that grow too close to the power lines. Many of the trees in Peoria, IL have deep root systems that can grow under the buildings and break through the floors.

3. Extend the Lives of Your Trees

Trees can easily spread diseases from one area to another. It doesn’t take long for a simple illness to wipe out nearly all of your trees. Bur oak blight is one condition found in Illinois, but you might deal with sudden oak death syndrome or oak wilt, too. Hiring a pro lets you work with someone who wants to help your trees live longer. A commercial removal expert can let you know what trees are worth saving and which ones you should remove.

4. Save Time

If you still need a reason to work with pros like Central Arbor Tree Service, just think about how much time you can save. You don’t need to spend hours or days clearing out trees that came down after a storm. The pros can also diagnose the diseases found in some trees and recommend new trees for your property. They can complete the work in a fraction of the time it would take you.

Getting rid of old trees is a great way to make your commercial property prettier and more appealing. Call Central Arbor Tree Service for tree removal to reach a team of pros in Peoria, IL.

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